I'd really like someone to answer this question for me: What is it about Miley Cyrus that inspires people to get the most horrifying tattoos on the planet? There was Miley's biggest (creepiest) fan who took to twitter to show off his fifteen Miley tattoos, that included song lyrics and also a really unflattering tat of her face. And now there's this work of art-- a naked, cartoonish Miley riding a sad wrecking ball. And also- YOLO. Check it out after the jump.



Tattoo artist Scott Howard, who works at The Living Canvas Tattoo Studio in Buffalo, N.Y., posted this photo to his Facebook page with the caption, "Done did this for some poor kid hahah." (You're reading that correctly. Yep, "done did"...)

So many questions, right? The first big one being "WHY?!?" Well. Turns out the answer is "Meh, just cuz."

Howard explained via Instagram, "There isn't really much story. I draw all these stupid things and people actually want to get them done. Never stops surprising me."

Ok. Next question. "WHO?!?" Who in the world would get a full-color tat of a naked Miley, riding the wrecking ball from her "Wrecking Ball" video and the foam finger from her VMA performance? Please, tell me who??

Well, at this point we don't know. Howard hasn't revealed the identity of the "poor kid" who wanted nakey Miley permanently inked on his body. Though it's entirely possible it could be the aforementioned biggest creepiest fan with 15 Miley tats. Because how can there be two people out there with horrible Miley Cyrus tattoos?

More questions. Why are her boobs so big? Why is the wrecking ball crying? Why does the foam finger say YOLO?

Well that one I think I know. Because. You only live once. Obviously... See what I did there?