Nas chronicles his failed marriage and says goodbye to his ex-wife, R&B singer Kelis, in the new video for his deeply personal song ‘Bye Baby,’ a track from his latest album, ‘Life is Good.’

The song is all about the breakup of the couple’s marriage. Nas is a gentleman and puts a positive spin on things by saying he’s not angry about what happened. “At least I can say I tried, plus enjoyed the ride / Plus we got our little boy, my little joy and pride,” he raps.

The video has no special effects but instead keeps the focus on the message. For much of the clip, Nas is seated in a white suit as he presents his side of the story. Mixed into the video are scenes that evoke a dissolving marriage, like an empty closet full of hangers, old home movies of the better days, and a shot of Nas standing alone on a balcony.

Later, the rapper is seen in a room full of attorneys as he laments the settlement that forced him to pay $300K to Kelis: “Listen, could you imagine writing your deposition / Divorce lawyer telling you how this thing gonna be ending / With you paying out the a– and I’m talking half / Not some, but half / No serious, half / Half of your soul, half of your heart you leaving behind / It’s either that or die / I wanted peace of mind.

At the end of the video, Nas takes Kelis’ actual wedding dress — the same one on the cover of his album — and leaves it behind on a chair and walks away.

‘Life is Good’ debuted at No. 1, becoming the rhyme-slinger’s sixth career chart-topper.

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