I have made it no secret that Justin Bieber is not one of my favorite tween pop stars on the planet. I mean, there are worse ones out there (Rebecca Black, anyone?), but I have a new appreciation for his song "Baby".

This is not because I've suddenly realized how amazing the lyrics are (because they aren't), or because I've come to respect him as a musician (I almost couldn't even type that out). No, it's because Neon Trees have done an amazing cover of it for Billboard Magazine's for their Monday Mashup feature.

Not only did they cover the song, they also added in a little bit of the song "Stand By Me" in the middle instead of using the rap from Ludacris that's in the original. Check it out after the jump!

They decided to do it because they wanted to cover a current song and also because he's on the same label as them.

Which version do you prefer?