Do you need a job? Do you have an Instagram? Can you travel? You're hired!

Netflix is looking to hire four people as "Grammasters." According to Business Insider, each person will get to spend 2 weeks on a Netflix set in Europe and the Middle East and take pictures for Instagram. So, not only do you get a (covered) two-week vacation in a different country but you also get paid $4,000... to take pictures!

To apply, you have to follow Netflix on Instagram and tag three of your original photos with the hashtag #grammasters3 by March 6th. Netflix doesn't specify what type of photos to tag but their website states:

...choose three of your favorite original photos that demonstrate your photography skills and upload or tag existing photos to your Instagram feed."

Basically, anything that shows what you're passionate about.

25 finalists will be chosen by March 11th and contacted via Instagram. Those finalists will then be asked to fill out further information before a final four is selected by the end of the month.