Walking home by yourself, especially at night, is one of the scariest and possibly most dangerous thing someone (a female) can do. And although it's not advised, sometimes you have no choice but to choose that route. If so, it's best to call someone and let them know where you are and that you will contact them when you get home.

A new app, called Companion, has made the walk home even safer for you. It virtually allows your "companions" to walk home with you. The app allows you to choose people from your phonebook (and even the police!) to track your location which will then alert them once you arrive to your destination. If something happens to where you drop your phone or don't have it on you anymore it will do a "check in" to see if you're okay. If there's no response within 15 seconds it will alert your chosen companions.

The video from Companion breaks down how the app actually works.

Here's also a 30 second app store preview:

No matter how old you are, this app seems to add that extra protection and puts everyone's mind a little more at ease.