It’s almost hockey time as the Griffins’ gear up for the new season. Everyone’s working hard including Intermission Restaurant, who held a tasting Wednesday, of their new menu items for both suites and concessions in the upcoming hockey season.

They had so much good stuff to try! Bacon on a stick, Spicy Mac n Cheese (highly recommended!), Pickle Fries, different Poutines, plus desserts you’d only hope to find at a hockey game. I was also impressed with a vegan burger option they had which was FLAVORFUL! (but of course I didn't get a picture) - They also have Elk and Venison summer sausage.

Maurice Cordova, the Executive chef told Fox 17:

“We have a pretty authentic menu, some of the things you will see today are some of the added menu options that we put on there. We have a new Griffin burger, it’s a stuffed mushroom burger that’s going to be amazing this year, definitely.”


Griffins’ kick off the new season and start serving the new deliciousness, Friday, October 6th.  The game starts at 7 pm and tickets are on sale now.



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