There is a new listing for a home in Kent County that takes the top spot of the most expensive home currently "For Sale" in Kent County.

A few months ago, we reported on another home that had that title. The home was located 2633 Frederick Drive in East Grand Rapids. The home was originally listed at $5,900,000 back in October of 2021. There have been a few price drops and currently the house is listed for just $3,900,000. That's a $2 million dollar price reduction!

There is one other home that is listed in Kent County that is higher than the $3.9 million for that home...

The Most Expensive Home Currently For Sale in Kent County

The new "Most Expensive Home For Sale in Kent County" title goes to a home with somewhat of a secret location. The actual address is not given in the listing. The address is given as 0000 76th Street SW in Byron Center. In the listing, it says to "Please call agent for directions to the home as it is located on a private shared drive, no trespassing." Looking at the map included with the listing, it appears the home is located on 76th Street near Kenowa Ave.

Let's take a virtual photo tour of the home. At the end we will tell you what the home is listed for....

Most Expensive Home For Sale in Kent County - August 2022

Here is a photo tour of the most expensive home currently "For Sale" in Kent County.

How Much Would Your Monthly Payment be on this House?

If you paid full asking price of $3,999,000 and put down 10% on the home. A 30 year mortgage at a 4% interest rate would be just over $17,000 a month just for your principal and interest. That DOES NOT include any property taxes, mortgage insurance, or home insurance. As far as property taxes go, in 2021, the annual property taxes for the property were $29,204.

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