Ladies what could be better than indulging in some chicken wings next to pair of rock hard 6 pack abs?

Well your dreams are about to come true because just in time for mother's day a male version of the ever popular Hooters-style restaurant is set to open next month, and it's called Tallywackers.

Sadly it's currently only opening in one location, so unless you're ready to take a trip to Dallas we shouldn't expect one in Michigan anytime soon so we guess we need to start saving up for that ticket to Texas.

According to a help wanted ad on Craigslist, Tallywackers is going to be a bar and restaurant staffed obviously by half-naked men who will be serving phallic-shaped foods while half naked.

The venue's Facebook page has posted a few photos so far of the restaurant's promotional photo shoot, and is already popular.

"I havent been here...but i think this is an AMAZING idea...women enjoy looking at 'scenic views' too!!! Heck yea!!!," one user wrote.

Another person commented, "even though I have not had the food, and the doors isnt open yet I give it a 5 because this has been needed for years, every time us ladies turn around there is a new place opening that is basically for men, and it isnt fair that there is nothing out there for the ladies !!! but now there is and when the guys want a guy night and go to hooters ( for the wings and beer ofcourse lol ) the gals can go to TallyWackers ( for the steak and cosmos ofcourse ;)"