The Woodland Mall continues to expand!

On Tuesday, mall owner, PREIT, announced that they would be adding Phoenix Theatres to take over the space where Celebration Cinema sat. Phoenix Theatres is privately-owned chain based out of Michigan, and this will be the first one on the west side of the state.


Phoenix plans on investing $4 million to renovate the 47,000-sq. foot area and will include 14 theaters with heated recliners and 4K screens with Dolby Atmos surround sound (a first for West Michigan). They'll also offer first-run movies and family-friendly prices. PREIT's CEO said adding Phoenix Theatres to Woodland Mall continues to prove the "strength" of the mall.

Phoenix Theatres’ focus on providing a premium guest experience makes it the perfect fit for extending the experiential options at Woodland Mall. The planned theatre upgrades ensure the property will continue to be a true destination for all moviegoers in the region.



The new movie theater is expected to open late this year.

Phoenix Theatres currently operates five locations: three in Michigan, one in Iowa, and one in Massachusetts. This new location at Woodland Mall is one of their first major investments after the pandemic. Owners say they chose to invest in the Grand Rapids area after spending several weeks here.

...we felt very much at home in the culture of the community. Movie theatres are places where people come together to enjoy themselves. Creating an environment that celebrates community has always been our highest goal.

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Celebration Cinema used to occupy the space since 2007 up until last year when Celebration announced they would not be resigning their lease due to the expensive lease and profit loss. Per WOOD-TV, Celebration didn't make money for the majority of its 13-year occupancy.

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