Consumer’s Energy has announced that beginning in June, they’ll start their new summer Time of Use rate.

What does this mean?  Well, from June 1st through September, Consumer's plans to charge more for electric use during weekday peak times which is from 2 pm to 7 pm; because as they say, with our growing economy and population, the summer rate plan is needed.

Because of our growing economy, more people and businesses are running energy-intensive equipment like air conditioning units in the summer, placing a higher demand on the electric grid during weekdays between 2 pm and 7 pm. The summer Time of Use rate is a way to manage demand, plan for future economic growth and protect our environment – all while keeping control in the hands of our customers.

During the afternoon, Consumer’s will charge customers more for energy used, which means you’ll probably want to wait to do laundry and not run the a/c as low when you’re not home, so you can save some money.

This summer the energy company will start switching some customers over to the new plan, statewide, but it won’t be switching everyone over until next June.

If you are one of the customers switching to the program this summer, you’ll get a packet in the mail explaining the program and cost savings, although they also say if you do nothing new to your energy consumption, you’ll likely see less than a $4 increase in your bill.

Find out all the info with the link below.

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