It's a well known fact that there are grammar police all over the internet, freaking out when people use "your" or "you're" in the wrong context, but did you know that while you may or may not be using grammar correctly, chances are you are using some vocabulary words wrong?! The wonderful Huffington Post has given us a list of 9 words that are commonly misused. The list includes:

-Literally: The percentage of times that literally is used correctly verges on zero. Ninety-nine percent of the time (I’m estimating), it is misused to mean figuratively. In almost all of the other one percent, literally is used as a sloppy intensifier. The only correct use of literally that comes to mind is the sign-off of George Burns and Gracie Allen, former vaudevillians who had a television sitcom in the 1950s. She played the role of a ditz. At the end of the show, George would say, “Say good night, Gracie,” and she would say, “Good night, Gracie.” She took George’s instruction literally. Such opportunities to use literally correctly don’t come up often.

I hear people saying things like "OMG I literally almost died last night, I was so tired." Let's be honest, I don't think that you literally almost died. Just saying.

Anyways, go to the Huffington Post to see the rest of their list, and see what words you have been using incorrectly! If you have anymore words that you feel are used incorrectly, feel free to comment below!