We're West Michigan. That means we're pros at winter! W

hat if I told you there are some things you could be doing that will make winter much easier to survive? Check out these life hacks!

Business Insider came up with some great ideas that don't take much effort at all.


  • 1

    Bubble Wrap Your Windows

    Sounds funny, but the bubble wrap will insulate the windows in your house. Even if your windows are sealed, you still get heat that escapes.

    Easiest way to do this is to spray a little water on the window, and place the smooth side of the bubble wrap on the window.

    Yeah, it will look stupid, but could help save money.

    You could also just go to the hardware store and get plastic for your windows, bubble wrap just sounds more fun.

  • 2

    Use Vinegar to Ice-Proof Your Windshield

    You'll mix three parts vinegar and one part water, spray it on your car's windshield, and ice won't stick. You can also use this to melt the ice that's already there.

  • 3

    Put Cooking Spray On Your Shovel

    Hose that baby down! Doing so will prevent snow from sticking to it.

  • 4

    Zip Tie Your Bike Tires

    If you're riding your bike on icy pavement, stagger the zip ties around each tire, about half an inch apart, and be sure to cut the excess plastic off. This will give you more traction, compare it to chains on tires.