Tinder, also known as "the hook up app," we single people know it very well. Though, not all of us use it for hook ups, some of us actually use it as a source to meet new people. Have you noticed you NEVER get any matches? Here's why...

It comes down to a survey that was conducted regarding Tinder users. Chances are, if you're a female you've had a ton of matches. Women have way more options when it comes to online dating. I've heard my female friends say they get a few messages a day on traditional sites. For guys it's different, we can go weeks without getting anything.

What are these magic numbers that this survey came up with?

Turns out men swipe right (or tap "like") 46% of the time. Women swipe right only 14% of the time. The way Tinder works is you both have to swipe right for a match to be made, and those numbers explain why things are quiet. If you swipe right on someone and they swipe left (dislike), they will never know that you hit like on their photo.

There you have it, chances are NOT in your favor if you're a guy, that in turn might end up limiting the amount of matches the women get.