Fans are baffled and confused by Olivia Rodrigo's latest merch: a purple Sour-themed vest that appears to say "soup" rather than "sour."

The $80 vest features Rodrigo's iconic Sour album cover photo, with her face covered in stickers, as well as bold text that runs into the vest's shoulder and cuts off the end of what's assumed to have been an "r."

Now, it says "soup."

Of course, delighted fans are having a field day with the vest online.

One fan on Twitter wrote they're "obsessed" with the fact that Rodrigo's merch says "soup."

"Even Olivia Rodrigo appreciates soup," another fan tweeted.

"I’m not even a big Olivia Rodrigo fan but I want this purely for the reason that it’s awful. I need the soup vest. I need to wear it with disgusting green flared pants with 'AND CRACKERS' bedazzled in neon pink rhinestones on the ass," someone else joked.

Someone else even went so far as to create an "alternative" album cover to represent the fake Soup album title, complete with aptly titled songs like "1 spoon forward, 3 spoons back" and "brewtal."

However, not all fans are amused with the high price of the accidentally hilarious merch.

"It's totally camp but in an unintentional and costly way which makes it unenjoyable," one person wrote on Twitter.

There's been no word from the star herself about the humorous vest, aside from her Instagram Story, where she shared a photo of her modeling the "soup" vest.

"New merch 4 all ur back to school shopping needs," she captioned the photo.

You might be thinking "wtf is wrong with Olivia Rodrigo’s merch team," like this Twitter user, but at least the vest has kept Rodrigo's web store in the public eye.

The "soup" vest is part of Rodrigo's back to school merch collection, which features several different versions of sweater vests, hats, notebooks, stickers, a special Sour tour fan art poster and more.

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