Now that the first few marijuana stores have opened up to the public in Ann Arbor, many people are asking about when stores will start to open in West Michigan.

West Michigan currently has 5 shops whose licenses are "pre-qualified", which means that the state is in the process of inspecting those businesses before processing their licenses.  These 5 shops will be the first to sell legal marijuana in West Michigan.

Meds Cafe in Lowell is the most likely to be the first establishment that will carry legal marijuana in West Michigan with a January 2020 grand opening expected.  The other businesses listed below currently sell marijuana for medical use but will begin to also sell marijuana for recreational use once their licenses are approved.

If you are a resident of Grand Rapids, it might be a while before you can pop into a shop downtown.  Grand Rapids city leaders won’t be considering applications for recreational marijuana shops until at least April 2020.

"Pre-Qualified" West Michigan Recreational Marijuana Shops

Meds Cafe
1965 W. Main St., Lowell

Bella Sol Wellness Centers of Michigan
1839 Peck St., Muskegon

Park Place Provisionary
1922 Park St., Muskegon

Breedsville Provision Center
77 E. Main St., Breedsville

The ReLeaf Center
1840 Terminal Road, Niles

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