There's a lot going on in this video. Most importantly, for me at least, Oprah is seen looking VERY 1983 in this audition tape for a morning news show in Chicago, and explains how she ended up with her very unusual name.

Frankly, the rest of it isn't even important.


But, there is more to this.

A few notes:

  • Her shirt is basically choking her.
  • She's wearing a gold chain on the outside of her shirt.
  • Button earrings (Though I kind of wish those were still a thing.)
  • Her energy level is not the "YOU get a car! And YOU get a car!" Oprah we all know and love.
  • Crazy long finger nails.

She's obviously come a long way since this video was recorded. Here's a photo from her from the SAG Awards earlier this year (she's now 60-years-old, btw.):

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images