So imagine you were nominated for an Academy Award, but you lost. While you may be disappointed, the $80,000 swag bag you’ll receive may take the edge off of your emotional distress.

You may wonder what could possibly cost $80,000 and be in a gift bag. Well, 10,000 Halo natural pet food meal donations made to the loser's pet charity of choice, a wearable camera by Narrative Clip and a mace pepper spray gun for starters. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there also are Deluxe vacation packages to the Canadian Rockies, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico and Japan (because as an a-list celebrity, you couldn’t possibly afford this yourself). So, don’t worry. While you’re sad about losing the Oscar, you can enjoy the Bee Free Honee organic apple honey you received while you have your free acupuncture treatment.