Dear Summer,

I like you. I mean really, really like you... almost love buuut sometimes you're a bit clingy (humidity) and I don’t always look good all sweaty.  Maybe if I still had Central A/C, I’d drop the “love” word more often.

But I got to say, while I like you, I’m kind of okay with you going south.  Yes, I said it, I'm excited Fall’s here.

First off, I can wear jackets again.  I look real good layered.  Plus I have like 30 different jacket and zip-ups, so I’m excited to get back into that part of my closet.

Also, football parties.  Truth be told, I never know what's really happening in the game, but the socializing and food is what makes it great!

It also means going to the haunted forest and corn maze in Dorr, to see what they've changed and get the pee scared out of us.  Plus there are various hayrides and bonfires to be a part of AND let's not forget about all the apples.  Apple cider, caramel apples, apple crisp, and whatever else you do with apples; it's all about to happen.

So are scary movie nights, snuggled up on the couch with a blanket and bowl of chili. The leaves will also be changing, which makes for great weekends around the state taking in all the beauty and then again, ending the day eating warm comfort food, or hanging by a bonfire somewhere.

Summer, I really like you; from more people being out and about, how little people wear,  to kayaking and boating… but seriously, you make me sweat, and that’s not the best look for me. So while I’ll miss you and in the dead of Winter, I’ll romanticize about the fun times, I’m ready to give Fall a drawer in the bathroom.



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