The famous Spring Lake Christmas lights display is moving.

The owner of the lights display has bought a new house, but will not be putting up the display at the new location.  He is asking for people to volunteer their homes and neighborhood for the next site.

The news was posted at the Holiday Road Light Show Facebook page on February 27.  Here's the entire statement:

Hello everyone. I have some bitter sweet news. On Friday I will be closing on a new house that overlooks Lake Michigan. It's my dream house and with the real-estate market the way it is, it was now or never for getting this beautiful house. Unfortunately, this new location is not conducive to doing the light show.

Special Olympics and I are looking for a new location. If your neighborhood is interested or you know of a location that would perfect for this show please let us know. Places that are off the table are parks like Harbor Island, downtown shopping districts or any place that a structure has to be built.

We will supply all of the decorations, lights, computers, etc.. Please submit your ideas to

Would you want this display, and the traffic that comes with it, in your neighborhood?  Visit the Holiday Road Light Show Facebook page and you'll find comments from some neighbors who are, shall we say, more than happy, that the Light Show is leaving.

I would love to see the display, but not so much in my own front yard.

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