The village of Ada is going to be infused with some Latin flavors.

The owners of the modern Mexican restaurant, Luna, in Downtown Grand Rapids plan on opening another restaurant in Ada. FOX 17 reports that it will not be the same restaurant but a similar concept.

...the new restaurant will feature contemporary Latin foods.

Luna is also known for its cocktails and this new restaurant will also have lots of delicious specialty cocktails to choose from.

It's expected to open sometime this fall on River St. in Ada.

The owners said they plan on continuing to strengthen the West Michigan community by working with local farmers and distributors to make local and fresh dishes.

A name still hasn't been decided upon but they are asking for your help. You can leave a suggestion on their Facebook or Instagram pages.

If you haven't had Luna yet, I suggest you at least go in to try their homemade tortilla chips, salsa, and guacamole [*drooling* as I type this] it's so yummy and you can taste the freshness. Luna opened in 2015 on Ionia Ave.