In what seems like a constant cycle of bad news in the media lately, a new announcement from Oxford University Scientists is a beacon of hope during this coronavirus pandemic.

Scientists have announced that a coronavirus vaccine will hopefully be widely available as early as September.  The vaccine has actually been in production for years in anticipation of a global pandemic.  Prior to the outbreak of this strain of novel coronavirus, research was being done on similar viruses and was modified for the current pandemic, giving researchers a massive head start on a vaccine.

The vaccine that the Oxford Scientists are developing has already been proven to be effective in monkeys and has begun being used in human trials.  The vaccine is not yet proven to be effective in humans but hopes are high.  And due to the fact that the research was started years earlier to combat other coronaviruses, researchers already know that the vaccines are safe for human inoculation.

If the vaccine is determined to be safe and effective it’s reported that several million doses would be available by September.

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