Pharrell Williams has been tapped for a new Chanel campaign.

The hitmaker appears in and contributes music to a short film titled "Reincarnation," which was directed by Karl Lagerfeld.

According to Women's Wear Daily, Williams stars opposite model Cara Delevingne as they reenact the moment when company founder Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel became inspired from the uniform of the elevator operator of the Austrian hotel while vacationing in 1954.

Williams' original song, “CC the World,” can be heard in the the sneak peak posted on the company's Instagram page.

In the clip, he plays Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, while Delevingne portrays his wife, Empress Elisabeth of Austria, who was known as Sisi.

“It’s not meant to be a historical reconstruction or something heavy like that. This is light and funny,” Lagerfeld said.

The film is to premiere at the Métiers d’Art collection show in Salzburg, Austria, on Monday.

Source: The Touch Radio