If sending out Christmas cards is tough for you because of the grammar rules that go along with adding your family's name, this guide will teach you how to pluralize your name.

Some last names might seem confusing or might not make sense, but there's a reason for these specific ways of spelling.

Many people make the mistake of adding an "ies" when their last name ends with a Y. However, according to this chart, people whose last names end in Y should just add an S.

In most cases, adding an S at the end is the most sufficient, but there are still a lot of last names that can confuse people. For instance, the last name Lewis would be Lewises, instead of Lewis' like many people might think.

It's a weird rule, yes, but there's a reason for everything when it comes to grammar!

Mika Makelainen/ThinkStock
Mika Makelainen/ThinkStock

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