Check out what he did for this teen.

A couple weeks back this 13-year-old, Cameron Simmons, called the police because he was upset after fighting with his mom.

After telling police he didn't want to live in the house anymore, Officer Gaetano Acerra told him he had it good. He explained that he had a roof over his head, but he would help him out.

When the officer took Simmons home, he realized Simmons didn't really have much of a bedroom. No real bed, just an inflatable mattress, nothing that you would find in a typical teen's room.

A few weeks after the call, Officer Acerra showed up to Simmons' house with a bed, TV, desk, chair, and a Wii game system.

He's not done either, Officer Acerra plans on bringing the boy a dresser and mirror.

Talk about protecting and serving!

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