Having just visited an ATM today, this alert from the Grand Rapids Police Department caught my eye. Thieves are at work in Grand Rapids, rigging up ATMs to steal your information and then hack into your bank account. It's called ATM skimming. Crooks set up a replica key pad, replica card scanner and a camera on or near the ATM to collect info from each transaction. Creepy, right?

I realized that during my trip to ATM, I was distracted, as usual (trying to remember my pin, digging in my purse for a pen) and couldn't tell you if there was anything weird with the machine. According to the GRPD, there are certain things that stand out if an ATM has been tampered with. They posted this photo to their facebook page as a guide for what to look out for:



Essentially, if anything seems amiss, don't use the machine.

Also, always a good idea to check you bank statements often. If you do think your account has been messed with, call your bank ASAP.

Do you know anyone who's been a victim of ATM skimming here in GR?


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