Do you remember back in the day (before Amazon and internet shopping) how much fun it was to walk through an electronics store and check out all of the newest gadgets?

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Or maybe you just liked the convenience of knowing if you needed something like a new radio, TV antenna or a weird obscure wire, that you could get it instantly versus waiting 2-7 business days?

Maybe I'm just extra nostalgic for these times because I spent some of my college years working at CompUSA (RIP) and always loved walking around and seeing what cool things I could find and try.

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Luckily, Michiganders will soon be able to go back to the days of brick and mortar electronics thanks to the return of a popular retail chain that once was synonymous with gadgets and gurus.

Radio Shack could be making a comeback in Michigan

Radio Shack Declares Bankruptcy
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Did you know there are still some Radio Shacks open in Michigan?  It's true, we still have locations that you can visit today. The popular 1980's and 90's electronics chain is trying their best to make a comeback, so before you know it we might see them all over the mitten again.

But if you're impatient, don't worry these three locations are open today for you to relive all of your pre-Y2K memories all over again.

While they are primarily in the southern part of the state, it's nice to know that you can find one on both the east and west side so you don't have to travel super far if you want to browser their selection in 2023.

Crossing my fingers that we'll have the comeback that Radio Shack deserves. Which means we would hopefully get some more iconic ads like this one...

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