It's all fun and games until someone gets a "kick me" sign put on their back. 

One of the oldest pranks in the book has ended up finding its way to a lawsuit. Harvey Palacio of Abuquerque, New Mexico was the victim of this age-old prank while working at Intel back in August. Some coworkers placed a "kick me" sign on him and decided to follow through with the sign's instruction. When Harvey couldn't figure out why everyone was kicking him, he went to complain to his boss. His boss saw the sign and also kicked him. According to Harvey, his coworkers usually gave him a hard time but this put him over the edge. He is now suing Intel and seeking an unspecified amount of damages. To make matters worse, two of the employees, including his boss, who kicked Harvey have been convicted of petty misdemeanor battery and each have 16 hours of community of service. To top it off they lost their jobs as well. Harvey is still working at Intel and the company is still reviewing the lawsuit.