Emmett (3-years-old, going on 4) and Erling (WWII Vet) bonded over something as simple as their mutual love of tomatoes. Now they're best friends. The two ride bikes, play croquet, and race lawnmowers together. It's an unlikely friendship that is inspiring people around the country.

Their friendship sparked when Emmett noticed Erling outside working in his garden. Emmett walked over to talk to Erling, and Erling was thrilled to have some company while he worked. Now this unlikely pair is inseparable.

So much so, that even the cold and snow of winter couldn't keep them apart. Emmett's mom, Anika Rychner, was a little worried that the winter weather would keep her son from seeing his best friend, but she should have never doubted Erling commitment. She looked out the window one morning to see Erling snowblowing a path from his backyard to theirs. All so he and Emmett could still visit with each other.
Sadly, the two best buds will soon have to part ways. Emmett's family is moving to a bigger house and Erling, who is will soon be 90, is about to relocate (along with his wife) to an assisted-living community.

Luckily for both of them, their respective moves won't be taking place for a few more months so they still have some time. I'm sure that they'll spend as much of that time together as possible.