President Donald Trump has called for the delay of the 2020 Presidential election slated for November 3, citing concerns over voter fraud tied to mail-in ballots.

In a tweet Thursday morning, Trump asserted that mail-in voting would make the election "inaccurate & fraudulent".

Many states have made mail-in voting easier for residents, with several not requiring a reason for requesting a mail-in ballot. Michigan has not required a reason for requesting a mail-in ballot since 2018.

The BBC reports that six states - California, Utah, Hawaii, Colorado, Oregon and Washington - made the decision earlier this year to move to "all-mail" ballot elections for November.

President Trump has long railed against the idea of mail-in voting (but supports absentee voting), saying that there is too much of a chance for voter fraud.

The tweet comes just one day after President Trump said while speaking about Dr. Anthony Fauci's high approval rating, "they're [Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx] highly thought of, but nobody likes me."

This is a developing story. 

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