Throughout ArtPrize, we will have an ArtPrize award-winning artist on the show to talk about cool art installations to check out around town.  Jeffrey Songco has had several different ArtPrize installations throughout the years.  This year, Jeffrey won't have an installation because he won the Installation Category Juried Award last year.

Today, Jeffrey talked about the public voting shortlist and two entries that you should check out this week.

Here are the entries that Jeffrey recommends you see this week:

  • brown, carmine, and blue.: This installation is part sculpture and part performance art.  The entry is by Le’Andra LeSeur of New Jersey.  It is a Juried Award Time-Based finalist, and the artist was also a finalist last year.  The entry is a variety of media including sculpture and installation, neon lights, video and even performance — depending on when you get to Site:Lab, who knows what she’ll be doing. The entry is describing her identity as a black person, as a gay person, as a woman. She’s really bringing to light a lot of important questions about being a human in today’s America.
  • Stream: This entry is an installation by Gustavo Prado located in the Cader Plaza.  The installation consists of 128 30” convex mirrors that fracture the environment in different ways so you can see the Calder, the plaza — everything at different angles. It’s the prime Selfie Spot this year. Get your Fall Fashion on, get your scarf and your pumpkin spice latte and snap a pic here.

And just a reminder to check out Site:Lab, which is one of the standout venues this year.  The whole space is fantastic. Lots of great art, a lot of things that might seem confusing, but Jeffrey thinks it’s important to go check out things that might not be something you’re familiar with.

And Jeffrey will be on WoodTV 8 tonight at 7pm to talk about the finalists who were selected by the jury and voted on by the public to advance to the next round.  Specifically, they will talking about the 2-D and Installation finalists, and tomorrow another group of 3 art experts will discuss the 3-D and Time Based entries at 7 PM.

You can listen to the entire from today segment below: