The easiest way to lose the guilt about participating in unhealthy habits is to develop a politically correct term for the habit.

Watch too much TV?  You're not a couch potato, you're a dedicated video entertainment connoisseur.

Like to put things off until later?  You're not a procrastinator, you just have flexible time management skills.

Like to eat the foods you love and grew up on regardless of how unhealthy they may be for you?  That's fine.  It's not junk food, it's "comfort food".

Yes, it's true that not all comfort food is necessarily bad for you, but most of it is.  Oh well.  Get me a couple of Cheddars at Yesterdog and the last thing I'm thinking about it the number of calories I'm about to digest.

Pure Michigan has come out with a list of Michigan restaurants where one can enjoy some great comfort food.  Grand Rapids' own Hopcat has made the list. I've eaten there a handful of times and it's always been good.  This makes me want to head back for more. has more on Pure Michigan's list.

What's your favorite West Michigan comfort food?