Today on the show, we had a listener with a #randotexto who's in a bit of a pickle. We are keeping her anonymous, but she's a member of the clique of six. Here's the text she sent to us:

Here is a RANDO Texto for you Connie and Fish … My BF showed his friends a naked Pic of me … WTF!

Obviously however this situation played out, it's not good for this member of the clique of six.

We now turn to the wonderful world of Hollywood, where Bella Thorne's nudes were hacked, and the hacker tried to blackmail her with them. To combat this, she just decided to upload the pictures to Twitter.

Whoopi Goldberg responded to this by saying it was her fault having the nudes on her phone in the first place.

We want to know what you think about both of these situations. Was it the woman's fault for having the nudes on their phone in the first place.