A woman on Reddit is being criticized for her "entitled" behavior following a chance celebrity meeting that didn't go her way.

"My daughter and I were recently on vacation. We spent the day in an area that’s known to have a lot of rich/famous people and towards the end of the day we saw one of my daughter’s favorite celebrities (we’ll call her A) walking out of a store," the woman wrote via Reditt's popular AITA subforum.

She detailed how her daughter ran over to "A" but was immediately stopped by security, who informed them that the mystery celebrity was there to celebrate her own daughter's birthday and wanted to focus on that.

"My daughter was very upset because she’s been a fan of A for a very long time so she tried again for a picture but was turned away. My daughter was crushed so later that night I made a post talking about my experience with A," the woman continued, adding she called the celebrity's security staff "rude" in her social media post.

"I understand it’s her daughter’s birthday but a 1 minute interaction with a fan isn’t going to ruin her day and if it does, that girl needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her," the woman argued.

The woman also admitted that the post she made received criticism online, with several people calling her "entitled." Even her husband told her she was in the wrong for bashing the celebrity.

In the comments, many Reddit users agreed that the woman was in the wrong for expecting the celebrity to take fan photos during the anonymous star's daughter's birthday celebration.

"Kinda the lesson I'm thinking you and your daughter need to learn, tbh," one person wrote, referencing the woman's comment about the celebrity's daughter learning that the world doesn't revolve around her.

"[You're the a--hole] OP celebrities and famous people are just people who have the same rights and privacy all of us other non people do," another commented.

"This could have also been a chance for her to learn to respect 'no' when she was told the first time not to bother the celebrity any more. Instead, the mother had to make it all about her daughter's disappointment and how the celebrity is responsible for managing that," someone else pointed out.

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