Jordan Fisher is blew fans away with his performance in Fox's RENT Live.

While he may be a new face for some, others have been hip to his talent for some time. The actor appeared in Disney's Teen Beach MovieLiv and Maddie, the live production of GreaseDancing With the Stars, and "Hamilton" on Broadway. Fisher, 24, won season 25 of Dancing With the Stars and is went on to host Dancing With the Stars: Juniors alongside Frankie Muniz last fall.

He has long dreamed of appearing in RENT, according to a post on social media. In October he wrote that he  and a mentor manifested this role.

"Fourteen years ago I sat at a dinner with a mentor of mine and a bunch of other friends," he wrote. "Mentor said let's talk about manifestation. I want SPECIFIC dreams from each of you. It was my turn. I said 'I want to be the first Mark Cohen of color in Rent.' It was the show that made me want to pursue this industry. Then it closed on broadway...Here was are now. See y'all Jan 27th."

According to a report from PopSugar, Fisher was raised by his maternal grandparents. His mother had him as a teen and struggles with substance abuse. He regularly celebrates his grandparents on social media, calling them his "mom" and "pops."

He was raised in Alabama and encouraged to participate in theatrical activities. He took theater and music lessons all throughout his childhood.

Fisher is dating Ellie Woods, according to People. She also grew up in Alabama and regularly appears in photos with him on Instagram.

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