Anybody want a giant water slide? To be more specific, does anybody want a 500 foot long water slide that once took up all of Lyon Street?

That's right, Rob Bliss' "World's Longest Waterslide" is up for sale. For auction actually. Turns out that Rob accumulated quite a tab with the city while conducting all of these big community events, and the water slide now has to be sold!

The description on the auction site states:

This is a one time only chance to own a piece of history, and the largest water slide in the world... Was custom built for over $30,000, and was made in the USA... There may also be an opportunity for new owner to work with event organizer to continue to hold Lyon Street Water Slide through consulting and help to turn a profit.

At this point, the highest bid is only $4,028. Not quite enough to cover the $30,000 it cost to make it, and probably not enough to pay off the city, but at least someone's interested in it. I thought it might turn out like the Steam Pig.

Bidding ends at 8pm on Tuesday.