"Rob’s People" of course are people who do stupid things and then get caught. Pretty much the story of my childhood (except I was just a dumb kid, not a law breaker.) Now that you know what "Rob's People" are... here's the story:

Pokémon GO has taken over the country (possibly the world) and everyone’s playing.  But not everyone is paying attention as they play.  That’s what happened to a 26-year-old guy in Milford, Mich. who was playing the game and found a “Gym” which yields high rewards in the game. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize the “Gym” was actually the Milford Police Department and he was, in fact, a wanted man.

The Detroit News reports the man rode up to the police station on a bike, while playing the game, wearing pajama pants. The pajama pants are only important to know, because well, WHO WEARS PAJAMA PANTS OUT OF THE HOUSE? No one, that’s who…   ANYWAY, when he got to the police station, officers recognized him because last year they arrested him for breaking and entering. He then skipped court, so they certainly knew who he was.

He was booked on the warrant for missing court and then was released to continue playing Pokémon GO!  Definitely one of 'Rob’s People' because on they would actually go to the police department, as a wanted man, to score 'Pokeballs'.