Why Rob’s people? When I was younger (and pretty much still) I was known for doing stupid things. Usually it was a dare, or an easy way to make money. Also, because most of the really stupid stories come from the South and I’m originally from Arkansas.

Rob’s People never mean to get in the news, or really hurt/kill anyone. (Actually no one’s allowed to die in a Rob’s People story. If that happens, then you’re worse than one of Rob’s People.)

cool grandma

What do you do when you’re Mom’s too old to actually drive?  Not what this lady in Ontario did.

A 39 year old lady decided she would help her 73 year old mom keep her license by taking the test for her.  NO not the written test; she put on a wig and glasses and pretended to be 73 years old and went for the driving test.  Unfortunately for her, she’s no master of disguise because the driving instructor caught on and called the police.

What’s the charge for taking a driving test for your mom?  “Adult personation with intent” and she was taken to jail.  She was later released while waiting for her court date.   Sorry mom, when the time comes, you’re losing your license… and going in a home.   WHAT??  It’s called Rob’s People for a reason. Haha



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