There are many reasons I don't own a dog. Mostly,  they just seem like a lot of work and money. Or as my brother said last weekend, "You just don't have the heart to be a dog owner." I was offened at first, then I realized that's a pretty true statement. Well, if I needed any more reasons, Harley, a pug from Rhode Island, has just given me one-- he ate over 100 rocks and then pooped them out. And now, he's getting an award.

The animal insurance company, Veterinary Pet Insurance, gives out the prestigous Hambone Award each year for the most outrageous insurance claim.  The honor is named after a dog that was stuck in a refrigerator and consumed an entire Thanksgiving ham before being found. 

Harley's indestructable stomach and bowels got him 1,800 votes on VPI's website, nabbing him the win this year. Second place went to Chico the Chihuahua, who survived a squeeze from a Great Horned Owl's talons. Other nominees included a dachshund that was attacked by a seagull and a lab who's dumpster diving yielded a tin getting stuck in its mouth.

Hmm-- not a cat in the bunch. Yeah, I think I'm good on the whole dog ownership thing for now...