No matter how you feel about the alleged voter fraud in Michigan, we can all agree (even President Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani) that a star witness in the case sounds like a total Karen.  And maybe sounds a little drunk or even on drugs.

Seriously, if you look at the comments section anywhere that a video of this woman is posted, you will see people on both sides making fun of her.  And then you'll also see a lot of partisan arguing, name calling, and general douchebaggery.  Personally, our favorite comment was "She seems like the girl you strike up a conversation with at a party and then instantly regret talking to."

Her name is Mellissa Carone and she is a "whistleblower" in the voter fraud case in Michigan.  Mellissa is an IT worker who said that she observed fraud in the election in Michigan and she testified before a Michigan Senate Committee yesterday with Rudy Giuliani.  She was in rare form too when she testified yesterday.  She was interrupting Senators, slurring her words, and even got told to stop by Giuliani several times.

This wasn't her first time that she made national news for being kind of off either.  She was on the Lou Dobbs show on FOX News in November and pretty much got laughed at by Dobbs at one point.

Many people are completely disregarding what Mellissa had to say during her testimony, but some still back her claims.  And in addition Mellissa's viral performance during the hearing, Rudy also went viral with a couple of farts he let out during the hearing.  I guess you might say that the hearing was a real poopshow!

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