Ryan Gosling hosted the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, with one sketch that caught the attention of women everywhere.

In the "Birthday Party" sketch, Gosling is the dad of Vanessa Bayer's Taylor, who is celebrating her 13th birthday with a few of her friends. Aidy Bryant's character Melanie develops a hilariously inappropriate attraction to Taylor's dad, who is clearly made uncomfortable.

The sketch is very funny, but let's cut to what really matters. At one point, Gosling unbuttons his shirt to "show off the tattoo of his daughter's name" (I'll take any excuse for Ryan Gosling unbuttoning his shirt, that's fine), and although brief, we get a quick peek at Gosling's wonderfully fit body. Aidy Bryant's character then begins running frantically around the room, screaming about Gosling's "dad bod", effectively echoing the thoughts of every woman everywhere.