Winters in the Midwest can be rough, and one of the most irksome winter tasks is having to defrost your car's windshield. Before we all lose our minds, here's one guy's proven method for defrosting your windshield as fast as possible.

In the video below, Mark Rober shows his methodology for defrosting a car (without using an ice scraper). He first goes into the science of where frost comes from, which relates to his methods for removing frost. The instructions are as follows:

1. Turn heater on at full blast
2. Turn AC on
3. Turn off the inside air circulation
4. Crack open the windows

This method can supposedly defog your windows twice as fast as Rober's other tested ideas! If it'll save me even a few seconds of freezing my butt off in the car, I'll go for it.

You can check out the full video below.