Sean Kingston has a need for speed. No, the Jamaican-born singer isn’t a meth head. But he did demonstrate his love for a certain racing franchise: He got a ‘Mario Kart’ inspired tattoo!

TMZ reports that Kingston hired a professional tattoo artist to inject him with the ink in the comforts of his own Los Angeles pad. The tat cost a whopping $1,250 and took about five hours to complete.

Interestingly, Kingston’s Kart-tat doesn’t feature the normal ammunition from the game, which ranges from Koopa Troopa shells to Mario stars to ghosts and lightning bolts. Instead, Mario’s ride is pimped out with a railgun. Say wha?! That seems more like a Wario move, doesn’t it?

Kingston is embracing his life and making the most of every moment following his near-fatal jet ski accident. The first single off of his upcoming album, ‘Back 2 Life,’ reflects his new attitude. “It came from the accident,” says Kingston about the album and single title. “I’m coming back to life. God gave me a second chance at life, you know. I’m coming back, this is basically a whole new me. I’m more humble. I’m more levelheaded. I’ve been through a lot. I appreciate life, so it’s basically I’m back and this is me.”

For those of you wondering why he’d get a Mario Kart tattoo, keep in mind that Kingston also regularly rocks a crayon box of bling. He’s a kid at heart!

Watch the Sean Kingston ‘Back 2 Life (Live It Up)’ Video Feat. T.I.

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