Ok ladies, don't lie, when the New Kids and the Backstreet Boys were in their prime back in the day, you loved them. In fact, you probably still love them now ("Hangin' Tough" on your iPod? I thought so.).

You probably had all of the buttons, posters, beach towels, board games, dolls, trading cards, t-shirts and other random things with their faces on them as you could get your hands on, didn't you?

It's ok, you're not alone. I had them, too (I was "Jonathan's Girl"). In fact, I still do. And hopefully you do, too! We want to see your stuff! Show us your New Kids or Backstreet Boys (or both) shrine! Deck out your office, your laundry room, your garage, whatever and show us how much you love them!

Email your photos to mychannel957@hotmail.com by May 17th, and you could win a pair of premium tickets to the show PLUS, you could meet both of the bands! Be sure to tell your friends, because we'll post them right here at mychannel957.com and let people vote for their favorite shrine. If yours is voted the best New Kids or Backstreet Boys shrine, you'll be going to see them both on May 26th at Van Andel Arena!