We are back from a long weekend, didn't it feel great to get a day off? Back to the weekly grind, though, so here is Knightlines. Your daily dose of celebrity gossip and things you need to know... 

• There’s been an increase in Plastic Surgery requests by women. One N.Y. Group has seen an 18 per cent increase in the number of women wanting treatments such as Botox, Dermal Fillers and face peels. ‘We aren’t talking about making women look like movie stars or supermodels. We are talking about refreshing them post holidays, capitalising on their post holiday glows and getting them looking good for the autumn months ahead.
• Most have heard by now that Charlie Hunnam has been named as the male lead but E.L. James has finally announced who will be playing Anastasia in the film of adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey – Dakota Johnson. (Model, actress and daughter of actor Don Johnson and Melanie Griffin.)
• Seth Meyers is totes off the market because he has tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Alexi Ashe. The two reportedly walked down the aisle Sunday night on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.
• After failing with four previous attempts, Diana Nyad has completed the 103-mile swim from Havana, Cuba to the Southern tip of Florida at the ridiculous age of 64 years old! Not only did she complete the swim in about 52 hours, but she did it without a shark tank. This officially makes her the first person to swim this location without protection as well as this being the longest distance anyone has swam without a tank!
• McDonalds is unveiling two new vegetarian wraps in Canada only! Instead of bringing back their failed veggie burger, they’re coming out with a Santa Fe Veggie wrap and a Mediterranean Veggie wrap.
• Some of the upcoming DWTS this season: Valerie Harper, Leah Remini, Snooki, Elizabeth Berkley, Amber Riley
• Foreclosure looms over Dodger Stadium unless the team antes up more than $4 million in unpaid work and services. A spokesman for the says; this is a big misunderstanding, “It is not uncommon to have liens while the process of verifying bills goes on,” adding, “all payments are now being processed.” The rep expects the liens to be removed shortly.