During this COVID-19 pandemic, we have tuned in to watch Governor Gretchen Whitmer give us updates. At her side has been a woman who is interpreting everything the Gov says into American Sign Language for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Who is this lady?

I spent a few hours trying to track her down, but she seems to be the state’s biggest secret. No one knows who she is!

I tried using Google to find out information and there was nothing there. I even tried Googling her photo and all I got in return was information on blond hair! I tried calling the Governor’s office and pushed the prompt of #4 for general information and got the message “I didn’t understand your answer”. It’s just been one road block after another.

She has to have a name. There are actually two women who do the sign language for the Governor. There is another dark haired woman who fills in when the first lady takes a break.

It’s almost impossible to find the name of either woman.

I asked on Facebook and no one could help me with a name. I even sent a message to WOOD TV’s political reporter Rick Albin and he didn't have any information either.

I found it interesting that Lansing TV station WLNS did a story about sign language interpreters in other states, but didn’t include the woman here in the state of Michigan. I think both ladies are incredible at what they do. I often find myself mesmerized by their hands and facial expressions.

I’d really like to recognize these women for the work that they do.

I tried to learn sign language once. It’s not easy. At one point I knew how to sign the alphabet and a few words. If you don’t use it though, you forget it. It would be like starting over from scratch for me now.

I'm beginning to think that perhaps these women want to remain anonymous and not have their identities revealed. If anyone can offer some insight as to who these women are, please send me an email at scott.winters@townsquaremedia.com and I’ll pass along any details I get.

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