The ‘X Factor‘ panel has been subject to a whole boatload of drama even before the ink on Britney Spears and Demi Lovato‘s contracts dried, and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Notorious curmudgeon Simon Cowell is going on the offensive, claiming Lovato and Spears are catty to goodlooking female hopefuls. Claws out!

While earlier reports suggested Demi and Brit were feuding with one another, this development actually makes it sound like it’s a battle of the sexes on the panel.

Cowell and fellow male judge L.A. Reid took a liking to a particular contestant that Cowell described as “a Kardashian meets the Jersey Shore.” A Celebuzz source said that Cowell and Reid went as far as flirting with the likely orange-skinned singer. However, Demz and BritBrit weren’t fans of the gal “from the moment they set eyes on her.”

The source said, “She looked a little like Kim Kardashian and was very opinionated. She kind of had the attitude and personality of both the Kardashian family and someone from ‘Jersey Shore.’ Simon loves determined and interesting people, so she won him over.”

Fair enough, but could she sing? That’s debatable depending on which judge you asked. “While the men of the panel both praised her, Demi and Britney said they found her lackluster and boring,” the source said. “Simon thought the girls were being catty, and they didn’t care if the contestant was good or not, they immediately didn’t like her because she was pretty. So when it came time for Demi and Britney to deliver their critiques, Simon starting flicking his fingers and hissing like a cat!” A little sexist and a lot irritating for sure!

That didn’t sit well with the ever-sassy Demi, who has already become notorious for bickering with the cantankerous Cowell — and she let him know it. “You’re annoying me,” she snapped at Simon. “You’re actually annoying everyone here.”

Point: Demi.

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