Last Week in Lansing, Nakia Robinson posted a video on Facebook of her favorite singing cashier, Lucas Holiday.  Lucas works at Dollar General and likes to sing while working the check out line.

She posted;

Facebookers in the city of Lansing! Check out my fav cashier at Dollar General across from Silverstone! THIS MAN CAN SING! If y'all need someone to sing at a wedding or some other kind of function, check him out! #AndThisIsNotHisBestBTW


He was singing “Ascension” by Maxwell by the way.  The video has been viewed over 500,000 times and shared over 13,000 times.

It also caught the attention of, well pretty much everyone including “Good Morning America”, they had him on Monday morning.  During the interview they surprised Lucas with a message from R&B Superstar Maxwell, who invited him on stage at his show at the Palace of Auburn Hills, Friday Night.

Technically Maxwell started looking for Lucas on Friday after he received a bunch of mentions about the video of Lucas singing on Twitter.

Lucas definitely accepted the invitation to join Maxwell!

It will be interesting so see if anything comes from this; either way, it’s a very cool moment for Lucas and good entertainment if you’re ever in his line.