Ah yes, election 2016 is officially on with the first primary event Monday night in Iowa. Did you know that who you’re voting for shows how much fun you (or your date) might be on a first date?

It does! This study comes from SinglesInAmerica.com and runs through statistics that line voting up with dating.

For example, if your date is a Hillary supporter he’s 129% more likely to drink wine and 43% more likely to be looking for a commitment. If your date is a Trump supporter he’s 79% more likely to drink beer and 116% more likely to talk about his ex. Rubio supporters are more likely to be “make out mavens,” and libertarians are 110% more likely to engage in a threesome (really Rand Paul?).

So there you have it, when you head out on that first date ask him who he's voting for, you might find yourself in an interesting place later on. By the way, this study says it is okay to talk about politics, you’re 91% more likely to head to a second date if you do.

Good luck!