Sir David Attenborough recently used his iconic voice -- best known to us here in America as the narrator's voice for the documentary series Planet Earth -- to narrate Adele's "Hello" video. And it's brilliant.

At first he seems unsure, asking, "Won't Adele be cross with me?" But, he's convinced to move forward and we're so glad it happened. 

Attenborough starts out by setting the scene:

Look as the world's most famous pop star zooms down a dirty road in an old Mini. Money certainly hasn't changed her. Battling against strong winds and the weight of expectation, she's convinced that now is her time to strike. She, like all pop stars, needs to hunt to survive.

And even Sir David isn't above throwing in a flip phone reference, which is when he uses our favorite line from the whole video, "hashtag flip phone."

God bless the BBC for making this happen.

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