A land bank worker was checking on a house they were preparing to sell, only to find a skeleton lying on a couch.

The home, on the north side of Detroit near 7-Mile and Van Dyke had been abandoned for quite some time. Eventually it was turned over to the land bank, who sent a man over to  check the property.

Once inside, the worker discovered the human remains, lying on a sofa. He phoned police who have removed the skeleton and are looking into the cause of death.

It's not unusual for squatters to live in abandoned homes in Detroit, so it's possible somebody went in there, laid down and died. Or maybe they met a more violent demise. Time will tell.

in the meantime, neighbors say nothing suspicious or unusual had occurred at the home as far as they can recall.

"I can't believe it, it's unbelievable," one neighbor told WWJ Radio's Charlie Langton. "Ain't nobody smelled nothing or anything."

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